Ah, music. Food for the soul from the heavens. Who can deny that good music is more than just sounds in the air?

Truly great music lifts the spirit and takes you to another place. A magical place where dream and reality mingle and dance as one. A single note contains all of the earth below and sky above, to be known as a single entity without name.

This is why I am a musician. For the past mumble-mumble years, I have been making sounds with guitar and voice, hoping to get to that magic place. Sometimes I get there...

Lately, I have been playing a lot of Jazz in a trio with bass and keys. We just added a drummer and are looking forward to palying as a quartet. It is challenging and fun. We don't have much of a web presence yet, but here it is: Driftway Jazz

At some point, I will be putting another band together. Something more rock-oriented, and in the "jam band" tradition. I hope it will be a group of intrepid individuals. Explorers, seekers, and adventurers. It will be a Rock & Roll band that stretches the limits of convention. Original music and some favorites written by others. Loosely constructed tunes that lend themselves to long instrumental jams between the sung verses. Are you on the bus or off the bus?

Looking for a bass player, drummer, keyboard player, and rhythm guitarist. Vocal ability - at least for harmonies - is preferred.

I expect to play out in the Boston area once a month, or so. Get in touch with me, if this sounds like your cup of meat.

Write to me at emoto1 at gmail dot com. You know how to read that - if I put my email address out here in complete form, I'll get lots of spam.

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